Pre-Arrest Investigations

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     If you’re contacted by law enforcement officers conducting an investigation, we highly recommend against submitting to an interrogation/questioning or providing any kind statement to the agency. It’s human nature to feel the need to explain yourself, in an attempt to clear up a misunderstanding. Many individuals comply with law enforcement and go to the police department to speak with authorities concerning a criminal investigation. However, things can go very wrong as officers frequently get suspects to self-incriminate themselves by insisting that everything will be okay, if they give the agency what they want. Unfortunately, from experience, this typically does not work in a suspect’s favor, and typically results in evidence being staked against the individual, and subsequently an arrest and charges filed. 

     Under the law, anything you say to authorities may be used against. You need an attorney who can look out for your best interest during police investigations, which is why it is imperative you seek representation and are protected.The Cuccuini Law Firm, P.A. provides thorough and extensive pre-arrest investigation representation. Before the client is interrogated or questioned, Mr. Cuccuini may be able to discover witnesses or evidence that exonerates the suspect or that illustrates they the suspect has been falsely accused. 

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