Drug Possession and Trafficking

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Drug crimes account for a substantial portion of overall crimes committed in the state of Florida and are punished rather harshly. The service of a highly knowledgeable and aggressive law firm is encouraged to protect an individual from the potentially severe consequences of a conviction.


 Below are just some of the defenses used to contest drug allegations:



  • Joint constructive possession issue
  • Illegal stop, detention, search, and/or arrest
  • Unconstitutional 4th amendment violations
  • Improperly executed search or arrest warrants
  • Lack of warrant
  • No consent to search
  • Illegal canine searches
  • Insufficient canine certification for a search
  • Failure to read Miranda
  • Evidence handled improperly
  • Lack of evidence to prove actual or constructive drug possession
  • Lack of evidence to prove knowledge of the presence of the drug

Drug offenses are highly defendable crimes, given the numerous legal and factual defenses that exist. However, we do not encourage that you handle or pursue these matters alone. Due to the technical, complex nature of these cases, a person charged—or believe they will soon be charged—should seek proper legal representation.



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